How-to: Using Patterns from DinPattern

A quick how-to video regarding the patterns here at Along with a quick tutorial on how to fill areas with a pattern using Adobe Photoshop. When I draw live, I do it here: Follow me on twitter and facebook for laughs and random nonsense:

Easy Photoshop Tutorial “Pattern-ize” – Creating Repeatable Patterns

A quick tutorial showing how to create a repeating pattern using design elements and illustrations. Photoshop CS6 used. Stock illustration used as example from Shutterstock: Music by Black Soil When I draw live, I do it here: Follow me on twitter and facebook for laughs and random nonsense:

Grunge Pattern Tutorial

To see how this pattern was created, view the video tutorial. All Files in the tutorial are included in this pattern download. Enjoy!

Add Patterns to your Twitter profile

It's very easy to customize your twitter profile with any pattern from DinPattern. Here's how to do it in a five easy steps.  Step 1: Download your favorite pattern. Download and unzip any pattern to your desktop.   Step 2: Login to your twitter account and click "Settings" The settings link is located in the upper-right toolbar of your home page.   Step 3: Select the design ...

How It’s Made: “Old Posy Gold”

“Old Posy Gold” was inspired by two elements – that wonderful color “goldenrod” and some late 60’s vintage wallpaper. It has that harvest, floral feel but still remains geometric here and there. I have no idea what the technical title of this form of pattern making is, but the end pattern gets created into offset vertical stripes. Each pattern is ...

Pattern Basics: Easy tiling patterns

.image {float:right; margin:0 0 10px 10px;} Note: this is an older tutorial which I plan on updating. I've been asked many times, "how do you make all those patterns?" So, here we go. All of my patterns are constructed in Adobe Illustrator. I've used Illustrator for years, and feel much more comfortable with it rather than any other vector package. So first ...