What should DinPattern work on?

I’m starting to hit a wall in terms of design and style. And I need your help! What kinds of patterns do you like to see more of?

The vibrant, playful stuff like Panda Madness and Green Monsters?

The complex and intricate patterns like Giza and Octo Redux?

The minimal and simplistic patterns like Ruby Soft or Bamboo?

Something else in general? Color palettes you’d like to see? More vintage or grunge type patterns?

What usage types would you like? More web, print or other stuff?

Do you want more wallpapers, fabrics, hi-res art, vectors, etc?

Let me know!


  • Ressa May 27, 2011

    Evan, First of all, thank you so much for your wonderful patterns. The ones I end up liking best are the minimalist ones but each pattern is a delightful surprise.

  • I like the simple, understated, but classic patterns like those found on Young House Love and many of the ones you have here. Thanks for proving these.

  • Anissa May 29, 2011

    Love lots of your patterns, thank for sharing with us !

    The minimalist ones are those I prefere, more easy to use, the complex ones too, but the other ones are very nice 🙂

  • I definitely want to create patterns you can use – I’ll try some more minimal styles and see what I can come up with. I’m also working on a few that can be used more as accents to bigger designs that may come in handy.

    Thanks everyone for the input! Your comments are a huge help and keep me motivated to keep creating!

  • Bá Camilotti June 1, 2011

    First I have to say that you have no idea of how much I like your patterns.
    Actually, I think I use them in all my websites!
    Personally, I like simple and also the complex ones, in darker colors. But all of them are great.
    You should definately keep creating and inovating!

  • yo Evan i have to say… bro these r very professional an like d best patterns i’ve come across yet!! thank you very much for sharing an i would definitely put these to good use m8 ^^ ….. please continue your designing cuzz i look forward to seeing more professional patterns……God Bless

  • Evan I use your designs for my role-play boards 95% of the time, all of them are amazing.

    Personally I enjoy the simplistic looking ones, and patterns like “Stand In” and “Parker” with one or two colors are the ones I use majorly.

    Larger more complex patterns are nice too; “Anchors” and “Are You The Gatekeeper?” are fun to see how they’d work in sites and I’m sure there are others who use them.

    Dont cut out large patterns completely, but simple patterns seem to be better :]

    — Riley

  • Su Hall June 20, 2011

    Hi! Your site is awesome! I’ve enjoyed using several of the great patterns you offer. While learning Photoshop, I entertained creating my own. I’ve tried and had a couple of successes. But, when I come back here and see what you have, mine are nothing spectacular at all! LOL
    I am a digital artist, but, I also create digital scrapbooking kits and supplies. (I give away the things I make/learn with) The patterns that work the best for that medium are the more minimalist ones. The intricate ones get lost along side all of the elements and other parts of a kit. Patterns work nice as a component of an element, like the pattern on a flower or ribbon. Again, these would work best to be minimalistic. So, I have to agree with the others – minimal is a favorite. I just wanted you to know what some others do with your patterns aside from web-design. Hope this is food for thought, at least. Thank you!
    Su Hall

  • Evan Eckard June 20, 2011

    Thank you all for the input – It’s very much appreciated! I’ll definitely keep creating a variety of patterns, but it sounds like designers get more use from the minimal, more screen friendly patterns rather than the complex stuff. I’ll be sure to keep creating patterns that are easier for you all to customize and make them fit your own artwork.

    Another question I had, is what formats do you like better? Should I start including the layered psd artwork with some of these?

    Also, are there any other tutorials or extras you’d like to see on the site?

  • Christie June 26, 2011

    Any tutorials would be great, would love to see your process for creating these! Hec, I’d even blog about you! Let me know if you are up for that. — I love card suits, especially spades! I think that would be fun to include in a pattern. I haven’t gone through all of them yet though, so maybe you have that already…

  • Skyrim Game February 28, 2012

    Do more like Rinzler…that one is too cool!

    I have sensitive eyes so I like the less “busy” patterns.

  • Arsalan Ahmad August 5, 2012

    I love the rinzler patterns. I’m using them in an animation so I would love to see more patterns that have a ‘lighted up’ version or something like that. Its very nice to see the background light up when the user does something

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