• Great tutorial. I’m really interested in making patterns and you showed me an easier way to make them. Thanks.

  • I’m not a vimeo member, so I couldn’t comment there, but this was great. 😀

  • sami hamster November 15, 2010

    Great tutorial. You make it look easy! What a pro… many thanks for taking the time to show how it’s done.

  • I love the passion on this tutorial, you have taken time and energy to compile it.
    Its awesome to read.

  • Wow, really great tutorial! I definitely picked up some very handy tips:)

  • Hey, I love your work! Great tutorial and very inviting voice… Please do more!

  • hey, this is great tutorial and i think very interested and I want to try this

  • I used it:)
    Thanks for the patterns:D

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