The Patterns of Eugene Andolsek

I received an email this morning with a link to the artwork of Eugene Andolsek and was instantly blown away. Eugene was born in 1921, and in the evenings after returning from work, he’d spend hours at his kitchen table drawing these marvelous pieces by hand and then filing them away in a trunk or closet. They were never shown or exhibited until much later in his life when a caregiver came across his work and talent.

Eugene would use pen and ink, a straight and compass, and the colored inks were mixed in eyedroppers to achieve the ultra vibrant effect. Most pieces are around 16″x20″ and I have no idea how long each piece took to create on average. For a more complete biography, please read at the American Primitive Gallery. Find even more (and larger views) or Eugene’s art here.

Here’s just a sampling of Eugene’s art. All images are copyright Eugene Andolsek and American Primitive Art & Bases, Inc.

I would love one day to see these in person. I can only imagine what the texture and line art would look like.


  • wow! they are beautiful. He is very talented. And what a better way to unwind after work than sitting in front of tv or internet!

  • Pam Mark Hall August 28, 2010

    Thank you, Evan for introducing the world to the amazing pen and ink creations of Eugene Andolsek.

    Also, I love the look of your work at the Very Old Grandmother blog.

    You make me smile!

  • It is a shame that this art was hidden for so long. No more, right? Artists are too often hyper-critical of their works but are seen as nothing short of beautiful at least by the adoring masses.

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