Experimenting with patterns and Filter Forge

I got the chance to try out a rather awesome filter plugin for photoshop recently called Filter Forge. The plugin allows you to texturize and apply distortion and effect filters to artwork. You can download even more free filters (over 7000) from the software site directly into your workflow to try out new looks. I really dig the “seamless tiling” feature in the application to easily create tile ready patterns, and to work with existing seamless patterns. You can edit and tweak preset patterns or create new ones on the fly easily. You can see one example of “Bones” using the “Carved Leather” filter from the plugin.

I found a lot of good filters under the creative directory to use. A lot of vintage and grunge type effects, as well as lighting, geometric and fine art style sets. The version I tried out is 1.0, but it looks like there’s a beta version of 2.0 available to try out on the site. The software is available in 3 editions to purchase (the more expensive versions have greater functionality), but all editions allow unlimited filter downloads from the site.

As a graphic artist and visual designer, I can see a huge usage of Filter Forge in all types of artwork. In fact, the vintage type filters would work great for some record covers… Below you’ll find some examples of “Bones” using some of the downloaded patterns through Filter Forge. Feel free to right click and save any of these for art or some awesome wallpapers.

I’ll definitely be using this plugin quite often. I recommend downloading it and giving it a spin.


  • Kay Patterson (Blurtsmum) May 4, 2010

    Hi, You seem to have made a really great start with Filter Forge – I hope you keep on enjoying it.

    You have some great patterns on you site. Keep up the good work – K

  • Parental Control June 9, 2010

    Fantastic site. Added to Facebook!

  • Filter Forge inc. September 22, 2010

    Skulls are great!
    Check out our facebook to get 50%off till sept 29.

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