Add Patterns to your Twitter profile

It’s very easy to customize your twitter profile with any pattern from DinPattern. Here’s how to do it in a five easy steps.


Step 1: Download your favorite pattern.
Download and unzip any pattern to your desktop.


Step 2: Login to your twitter account and click “Settings”
The settings link is located in the upper-right toolbar of your home page.


Step 3: Select the design tab and click “Change background image”
The design tab is the the far right tab. Below that to the left, you’ll see a link to “Change background image”


Step 4: Browse to and upload your pattern.
Browse your computer to where you saved and unzipped your pattern and upload. Your pattern will always be a .gif file with the pattern name. I.e. “humidor.gif”


Step 5: Click “tile background” and Save Changes.
Make sure the “tile background” checkbox is selected under your pattern preview and click “Save Changes.” That’s all there is too it. Give twitter a few seconds to refresh and you should start seeing your new background. Enjoy!


  • Jake Wharton July 29, 2009

    Been doing this since day one on Twitter. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • clippingimages October 9, 2009

    Nice & simple tutorial, Well defined, Thanks for sharing this cool post.

  • Tamara June 10, 2010

    Could you do a tutorial for Blogger? Please!


  • I came across this link:

    Does that help?

  • i try now for my twitter, thanks for your tutorial

  • Kostka Brukowa March 12, 2012

    Thanks for this Twitter tutorial.

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