Original post September 27, 2007
Bones Apple iPhoneWrap it!
DecalGirl has made “Bones” available as a wrap for your iPhone, XBox 360, and tons of other gadgets. Grab one from their site today. Every purchase helps keep DinPattern alive.

Rumor has it Halo 3 plays much better on a Bones XBox 360*

Available wraps:

*At least, I think so…


  • nice work.i like it so much.

  • nice pattern dude… so far, for me this is most radical pattern…. ^___^

  • I found this website from google and read your posts. I just add your rss to my Google Reader. Keep up your good work friend. I’m Looking forward to read more post from you in the future. Thanks…

  • Nice bones man

  • Fine Food March 10, 2010

    thanks for that

  • sweden June 12, 2010

    love it

  • Thank you, for all of the patterns you offer for free here. I’m only using them on personal projects, but it’s hard to find really quality seamless patterns that fit what I need and these are fantastic <3

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