• I don’t get it.
    Often when you download patterns, its ready to be used.
    But when I download this, its just a picture?
    Why and how do I use it?

  • If you click “download pattern” you should get a .zip file with the ready-to-tile pattern image. It’s already cropped down to where it can be repeatable. Hope that helps!

  • nikbanks October 29, 2008

    i love your patterns but i am not sure how to use them. or what program to use them in i tried them in ps but the layer is locked and it wont allow me to load it as a pattern. please help

  • when you download the .rar file, extract the files inside to the desired location such as your pics.
    Then open the file in Photoshop, go to the top of Photoshop to edit and down to define pattern, name the fpattern as you wish and there you go, ready to use.

    I hope that helped.

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