• Great one! Think I am going to use it…

  • Karoline Schindlegger May 5, 2008

    This wallpaper would be great for my website. Are I allowed to use it?
    Best wishes,

  • @karoline – of course! use it where ever you’d like

  • Martin Holzhauer May 27, 2008

    Great Pattern, i think i will use it as my website background

    really great work

    and i will donate a few bucks ASAP

  • Ricardo August 15, 2008

    Tnks bro

  • FINALLY! I’ve been looking for patterns like these for about an hour… I did want something paisley (hint? hee) but after all my fruitless attempts at searching these have blown my expectations away! Great work, I’ll definitely be using one of these… probably haunted though 🙂

  • wooow very nice thnxxx

  • wow! it’s cool

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