• Using this pattern i was able to finish off my Virb profile – http://www.virb.com/shadowguybehindya

  • Your virb page looks awesome!

  • Why thankyou, I couldn’t have done it without your own awesome background 😉

  • Markus March 7, 2008

    Hi, is it possible to get your pattern in other colors?

  • Anthony July 7, 2008

    using for my site 🙂
    should be up soon.
    giving credit 😀

  • Thank you! I am now using this on my site and giving credit. I may look you up when I need a banner for my new blog that is in the works.

  • Luis Cruz September 9, 2010

    Thank you! Your pattern was the perfect element for my new blog-header! I really like your work and will be back! 🙂
    I allready gave you creditin Twitter but will also do it in my blog!

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